Jones Brothers Marine made a commitment in 2001 to convert to all composite construction. The first several years were spent doing numerous and intensive tests on different materials… not all composites are created equal. Our goal was to select materials with the very best strength, performance and long term durability.


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Bateau 17

The Bateau 17 is our entry level flat-bottom skiff. The boat is often used for solo fishing or getting out with your best buddy. In the Morehead City area, this Bateau is most often used in the sounds and tidal marshes, or trips to the Rock Jetty on calm days.

The small Bateau can be used to flounder gig at night, fish the bridge pilings and day markers on the water ways, or access the Hay Stacks, Cross Rock in the Newport River, Core Creek or the myriad of rivers in our area.


Bateau 20

The Bateau 20 is probably the sweet spot for price, performance and utility in the Bateau line. It’s an excellent fishing boat, that’s easy to handle in tidal marshes, sounds, and bays. Owners also appreciate the boat for its fuel economy and very low maintenance.


Bateau 23

The Bateau 23 has the capacity for larger groups of fisherman, and the boat has the size, weight and freeboard to get out of the sounds and go oceanside on nicer days. T-Tops are often added to the Bateau 23 for extended days on the water.


Bateau 25

The Bateau 25 has the capacity for an extended family group, or a small passenger ferry. While still designed for the sound, the boat can go oceanside on nicer days. T-Tops are often added to the Bateau 25 for extended days on the water.



Cape Fisherman 18

The Cape Fisherman 18 is our entry level V-hull, and was designed to leave the protected bays to fish and explore near-shore waters.

Cape Fisherman 18- MORE INFORMATION

Cape Fisherman 20

The Cape Fisherman 20 comfortably handles three anglers, or more if you share well, and is economical to run. The 20 is easily towed and can be self-launched.

Cape Fisherman 20- MORE INFORMATION

Cape Fisherman 23

You’ve dreamed about this day for months. The weather is perfect – a stiff cold wind, a respectable chop and beautiful rips. It’s autumn and the False Albacore are running.

Cape Fisherman 23- MORE INFORMATION

Cape Fisherman 26

The Cape Fisherman 26 breaks away from the “near-shore” capabilities of its smaller siblings. The boat has the length, weight and range to comfortably go offshore.

Cape Fisherman 26- MORE INFORMATION


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